How To Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss


Chia seeds are tiny black seeds came from Savia Hispanica plant which is a native mint plant in South America. These are among the healthiest foods on earth with powerful nutritional contents including fiber, protein, omega-3s fat, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and other essential vitamins.

During the ancient times up to the present, Chia seeds recognized as a dietary food and now also considered as a modern day superfood that many health conscious people all over the world are a fond of it. Simply eating chia contributes a considerable amount towards your regular fiber, calorie and nutrients intake goals because it is packed with dietary fiber and good calories.

Include chia in your diet or regular meals to help your weight-loss efforts. Here’s how to use chia seeds for weight loss;

Chia Seeds Into Water

You can simply add raw chia seeds on your detox drink or plain water to help you get rid of food cravings. Just mix two tablespoons of raw chia seed grains into a glass of water, stir them well, wait until they subside and take before they become inflated due to water absorption. This will prevent you from eating more and make you feel full for extended time.

Chia Seeds Into Juice

If you want to improve your metabolism and boost your body’s ability to burn some calories, you should drink your juice with a mixture of chia seeds before you start your work out. It gives you more energy especially during tough trainings as well as translates to better weight loss exercise.

Chia Seeds Into Dishes

Other than adding them in your water, you can eat these seeds raw or mix them into a number of dishes such as rice, yogurt, cereal and vegetables. Some chia weight loss recipes you can try at home are blueberry breakfast pudding and blueberry chia muffins. The blueberry pudding ingredients are chia, dates and cashews. The seeds are very rich in fiber, calcium and omega-3s fatty acids, while the cashew nuts provide protein and an appetizingly satisfying creaminess. The muffins, with just about 100 calories and protein-rich chia seeds will keep you full and what’s more, they are gluten free. Since the seeds are absorbent to water, they produce a gelatinous texture making it easier to mix them with any cooked dishes you like. Chia sprouts are also edible. You can add them into your salads and sandwiches.

Undoubtedly, Chia seeds are a valuable addition to your weight loss diet.

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